Layups, Oct. 05

  • Miami is going to start Michael Beasley at small forward. I get it; they want to start their best 5 players. Plus, if they’re going to go after Carlos Boozer or Chris Bosh this summer, they’re not going to want Beas playing the 4. Still, I’m a bit worried about this plan. As I said in my Heat preview, one of the biggest goals this season has to be Beasley’s development. He was actually very good offensively last year, but wasn’t given the minutes or touches to really show what he can do. It’s in the Heat’s long-term best interest to raise Beasley’s stock around the league. Plus, they need his scoring. If you ask me, putting him at the 3 for long stretches of time might hurt his offensive numbers. He’s more valuable offensively on the post than he is on the wing. Plus, on the defensive end, multi-talented 3s will routinely expose his weaknesses. At the end of the season, the Heat need people to be talking about what Beasley can do rather than what he can’t, and, in my eyes, he needs significant minutes at the 4 for this to be the case.
  • The Toronto hype machine is saying that Andrea Bargnani is much improved at everything. Most notable is that his defense is supposedly better – apparently, his anticipation has improved and so has his understanding of team defensive principles. Still, even though I defended his contract extension, I am wary about buying into this. Who exactly is he defending, with Chris Bosh sitting training camp out? Rasho Nesterovic, Patrick O’Bryant, and maybe a bit of Amir Johnson, that’s who. I’m going to wait and see what Bargnani does in a real game, because, as much as I want to believe he’s made a big leap on D, the objective side of me tells me this kind of story is meaningless.
  • Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer is saying that the Bobcats offered Ray Felton a long-term deal for about $7 million a season and HE TURNED IT DOWN. Whaaaa? Isn’t this team trying to shed its long-term deals? Don’t they want to develop D.J. Augustin? You don’t give $7 million a year to a guy who hasn’t shown any improvement in 4 seasons. Yeah, it seemed like Felton had a lot of potential coming out of UNC, but since arriving in the league he’s been a below average player. He doesn’t score efficiently, can’t shoot the 3, and the only reason his stats look decent is that he plays upwards of 37 minutes a game. Bill Simmons is wrong about this one. If there’s truth to this story, both sides are crazy
  • Brandan Wright will be out 4 to 6 months because he will require shoulder surgery. Don Nelson is upset because Wright “might be the best player in camp” and “it’s quite a loss for us”. So, Nelson’s saying he was finally going to give Wright a shot then. Really? He only let Wright play 9.9 minutes a game in his rookie season and 17.6  in his sophomore season, so why should we believe him? Both seasons, there wasn’t much consistency in the minutes department – he was jerked in and out of the line-up like all other young players tend to be in Golden State. All the while, he’s put up very good per-minute stats, making us dorks who care about such things wish that he will be given an opportunity to showcase his skills somewhere else. I’ve felt bad for this kid the last two years on the Warriors’ bench and feel really, really bad for him now that he’s hurt. Hope he returns at full strength.
  • Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell is speculating that DeJuan Blair might end up putting up the best per-minute stats of any rookie. While I’m not ready to fully jump aboard that train, I’ve got to say I’m excited about the guy. It’s unbelievable that a guy who rebounds like he does slipped so late in the draft. How well does he rebound, exactly? Well, his offensive rebounding rate last season was better than some entire teams’ rates. The guy is a monster. I’ve said it many times before but it bears repeating: The Spurs off-season has been mind-bogglingly good. Without a ton of cap room or a high draft pick, they’ve added a ton of rotation-worthy players and put themselves into title contention once again.


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6 responses to “Layups, Oct. 05

  1. Beasley’s true position is PF. It’s what he knows. It’s why they drafted him. You don’t force Beas to play out of position because of UDONIS HASLEM. Terrible move. And you’re right- it’ll hurt his stats. His shooting % will dip and so will his rebounding, making it harder to trade him later.

    In terms of Blair, he slipped because of knee problems, right? Nobody questioned his talent. He fucking destroyed Thabeet when they went head to head. It’ll be interesting to see where his minutes come from. He’s competing with Dice, who’s still pretty good.

    • Vittorio De Zen

      Yup. Re-reading this thing, I probably should have been more forceful with the Beasley thing. He’s a 4. Play him at the 4.

      And yeah, Blair slipped because of knee problems. He had 2 ACL surgeries in high school. understand that hurting his stock, but he can play right now and he dropped all the way to 37. No way it should have happened. He’ll get his minutes in San Antonio, I think. Not as many as Dice, mind you, but around the 16.5 MPG George Hill got last year.

  2. Brothersteve

    I don’t get the Beasley move either.
    The guy could be star – or they can treat him like a combo forward (think Bargnani in year 2) and waste a year of development – might actually set him back a season. Crazy idea.

    I am expecting a true break-out season for Bargs. Bargs needed better coaching and a defined role. He has it now and it will show! Very high expectations for the young PF/Center this season.

    GSW is lost, will remain lost, at all cost fire Nellie.

    You can stop rubbing it in about how good/lucky the Spurs management is – the whole league knows. What’s the expression – break a leg? (No – we need someone to beat the Lakers!)

    • Vittorio De Zen

      If his numbers go down sophomore Bargs-style, I will scream.

      Really hope Bargs has a breakout year, but I’m not getting my expectations too high. We know he can score, I’m not worried about that. It’s all the other stuff.

      Fire Nellie! Fire Nellie! The whole world knows it needs to happen, but GSW ownership isn’t gonna do it.

      I absolutely can’t wait to see the Spurs go up against the Lakers. Pity they don’t meet till January.

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