My name is Vittorio De Zen, obviously.

I’ve been following basketball rather obsessively for years. I’m not going to say something cheesy like “basketball is my life” or “I live and breathe the game”. I will tell you, however, that I watched Ralph Sampson’s NBA debut from 1983 on Raptors NBA TV last night and came away wishing that I’d spent more of my life watching Artis Gilmore play the game. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I think it sort of explains why I want to post a ton of basketball-related ramblings on the internet.


One response to “About

  1. Alp Ulagay

    Dear Vittorio De Zen,

    I am a sports journalist reporting for turkish newspaper Haberturk.
    It’s a national newspaper with a circulation of 250,000 copies per day.
    Now, I’m on an article about Toronto Raptors new player Hedo Turkoglu.
    I wonder about the view of Raptors’ fans about him.
    In that purpose, I’d like to ask you a 5 questions related to him.
    I’d be very pleased if you can answer them.

    1) What do you expect from Hedo during and 2009-10 and so on? His most important contribution(s)?
    2) Do you think he is worth the money he is being paid?
    3) When do you think he can adapt to his new team?
    4) Can he become the key player to carry the Raptors?
    5) Can he be the same clutch player during the last quarter as he was with Orlando?
    +1) Your predicton for Raptors during 2009-10 season? Playoff or more?

    Kind regards.

    Alp Ulagay

    Senior reporter
    Habertürk newspaper

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